Sunday, November 8, 2020

This Will Pass, Too

"It came to pass" (Matt. 11:1).

By Richard Wurmbrand

It is said that King David once called a jeweler and said, "Make me a ring whose appearance will gladden my heart when I am sad, and make me sad when I am joyful.  You have two days for this.  If you bring the ring, you will be richly rewarded.  If not...."

The jeweler left in despair.  He knew his life would be forfeited.  Who could make such a ring?

When he crossed the palace yard, little Solomon, who was playing, observed his grief and asked him what it was about.  The jeweler told him of the foolish demand the king had made.

The child laughed and said, "Make him a simple ring of tin and write on it the words "This will pass, too."  Nothing more is needed.  In moments of darkness, the king will read that this will pass and find comfort.  In revelings, the ring will remind him that joys in this world are transitory."

The jeweler made the ring and received a rich reward.

One of the beauties of the King James Version of the Bible is that the expression "It came to pass" occurs so often.  What burdens you have today will pass.  Don't be so occupied with your present griefs.  What were you sad about five years ago, on November 8?  You don't even remember anymore.  So today's sorrows soon will be forgotten.  And when you are joyful, don't forget that you have not attained heaven yet.  All joys in this world are temporary.

Christians seek the eternal abode in which all tears will be wiped away.