Tuesday, September 25, 2018

For Those Who Set the Table

"...they followed Him and took care of Him" (Mark 15:41).

This past Sunday we "installed" the ladies of our Altar Guild.  It was a beautiful morning!  These women are specially trained to set up for Holy Communion, to take care of things afterward, and to clean and take care of the whole chancel area.  One thought is that these women are the descendants of the women spoken of in Mark 15:40-41.

In thankfulness for our Altar Guild, I wrote the following hymn stanza:

For those who set the table
And place the bread and wine,
Who make the altar ready
For sinner-saints to dine,
We thank You, O Lord Jesus,
And ask You now to bless
Their hands with strength for serving,
Their hearts with happiness.

And we sang it on Sunday to the tune of Lutheran Service Book 855.