Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Right Attitude

This week's devotion is by Richard Wurmbrand.  And the big news is that a movie is coming out about him in March.  For information and to watch the trailers, visit

"...that they may all be one" (John 17:21).

The British publication New Society has conducted a psychological survey of players in symphony orchestras.  This shows that brass and string players usually have bad opinions of each other.  Woodwind players, especially oboists, are considered as neurotics by their colleagues in the orchestra.  Violin and viola players have uneasy, mutually deprecatory attitudes.

The wonder is that people who tend to be mutually hostile to each other can produce an effect of order and harmony.

The moment the conductor lifts his baton, all these emotions are set apart.  Only one thing counts now: the success of the concert.

The children of this world sometimes are wiser than the children of light.  It is unavoidable that Christians, men and women of such different background, temperaments, experiences of life, cultural levels, nations, races, and social classes should disagree in many things and feel even, however slightly, some hostility toward each other.  We are not only partakers of the divine nature; we are human, too.  But the human side should be put aside for the common worship and the common action in the service of the Lord.

Ask yourself what is greater: the cause which we serve in common or the matter in which we differ?  Then you will have the right attitude of love.