Saturday, May 13, 2017

Mother Knows Sorrow

"But standing by the cross of Jesus were His mother..." (John 19:25).

If father knows best, mother knows sorrow - the sorrows of her child(ren).

God the Father knew best: that it was right to forsake His Son for our sake.  But the mother of Jesus never forsook Him, but stood by His cross.  She felt and endured all that He felt and endured - and then some.  She lived His death (Luke 2:35).

And I have no doubt that He drew strength from her presence.

Mary is every mother.  What mother does not feel what her child feels?  A mother carries her child in her womb for a few months, but carries her child in her heart for a lifetime.

Never think or say that your mother doesn't know what you are going through.  She feels and understands it twice as well as you do: She carries your sorrow and her own.

But happily, this applies also to joy.  When the child is blessed with joy, the mother receives double.  This is her reward for her love (besides the fact that love is its own reward).

Mary knew not only her son's suffering and death, but also His resurrection.  This Mother's Day, may our mothers know not only the sorrows but also the joys of their children!

And may all of us know both the death and the resurrection of our dear Lord for our salvation!