Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Micaiah's Motto

The odds were 400 to 1.  Not very good.  The wicked King Ahab assembled his four hundred prophets to inquire whether to go to war against Syria.  To a man, the prophets gave the king the go-ahead.  It was what he wanted to hear.

But there was one more prophet.  His name was Micaiah.  In spite of the consensus, Micaiah spoke strongly and warned the king against going into battle.  Not what the king wanted to hear.  So Ahab punished Micaiah and then went off to war.  He was killed in battle.

Micaiah had a motto: "What my God says, that will I speak" (2 Chron. 18:13).

Encourage your pastor to be a Micaiah.  We have enough of the other.  And when he says something you don't want to hear, thank God!  It may save your life.

For the full story of Micaiah, see 2 Chronicles 18 or 1 Kings 22.