Tuesday, June 3, 2014

God Knows

Exodus 2 ends in a strange way.  It reads: "and God knew."  It does not say what God knew.  The thought is incomplete.  It is up to the reader to complete it.

It is proper to understand from these verses (Exod. 2:23-25) that the children of Israel groaned because of their slavery in Egypt.  But it is not enough.  To complete Exodus 2, you must do two things.  First, name the burden you are under.  Second, believe that God knows about it.

In Christ Jesus, God went from being the one who hears our sighs, to becoming the one who sighs with us and for us (Mark 7:34)!  In Christ Jesus, God has compassion and comes to carry our burdens with us.  This may actually mean more than if God were to take the burdens away.  It requires more love to suffer with someone than to take their suffering away.

God knows.  He knows exactly what you are carrying.  And in Christ, He knows it firsthand and carries it with you.