Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Word of Forgiveness

A reader of these small devotions contacted me to share her experience of going to individual confession.  And I have her permission to share with you the note she wrote to me.  (Remember that individual confession is not a "must" but a "may.")

Dear Pastor Matt,

Thank you for last week's devotion, "Make a Holy Week Plan."  After reading the devotion, I called my pastor and set a time for individual confession.  I went.  I did not go with a heavy heart.  I went because you, along with my pastors, told me it would be good to do.  It took only a few minutes, following the order in Lutheran Service Book.  However, the blessing of that time has remained.  It was not an emotional high, but rather a profound breath of fresh air.  I now have two choices: to grieve the lost years when I chose not to go, or to rejoice in my newfound blessing.  I choose the latter!  Thank you.  God bless you.

The Lord bless her, and you, this Holy Week and all through this life!  And let us regard the Word of forgiveness as the greatest gift and our most precious possession.