Monday, June 19, 2017

James the LESS

Out of the Twelve Apostles, I think I have learned the most from the one we know the least about.

"James the son of Alphaeus" (Matt. 10:3).

Two of the Twelve Apostles are named James.  First, the prominent, well-known James the son of Zebedee.  His brother was John, and together with Peter they made up the inner circle around Jesus.  Then there is James the son of Alphaeus.  We know nothing about him from the Gospel.  Nothing.  Without going into detail, it's possible that we know LESS about this James than any of the other apostles.

Because both are named James, the Bible uses their fathers' names in order to distinguish them.  Tradition uses a different method, calling the first James "James the Greater," and calling the second James "James the LESS."

Even if we know nothing else about James the son of Alphaeus, simply his nickname - James the LESS - offers a rich spiritual LESSon.  That is, Christ calls some to more prominent, visible roles of leadership, but calls and needs others to fill LESS visible roles - but no LESS important or effective!  So think LESS about the role you'd like to play than about the one God has given you to play.

Who are the ones who know all about James the son of Alphaeus?  The people to whom he went with the Gospel and love of Christ.  Seek not to be remembered by the world, but only to love those around you.  And say these words: My hope is built on nothing LESS than Jesus' blood and righteousness.