Monday, May 13, 2013


In football, the term "pick-6" refers to an interception (a "pick") returned for a touchdown (6 points).  I noticed that there are 66 devotions now in the archive of this website.  I thought to myself, "What if I had to pick 6 that would in some sense speak for all of them or maybe be worth a second look?"  So with the help of feedback I've gotten, here are the 6.  And thank you for the encouragement along the way!  With God's help, I'll get going on the next 66!

6. Faith Is a Candle (September 2012)

5. Two Weeks' Notice (March 2013)

4. Home Is My Heaven (November 2012)

3. A Misunderstood Word (August 2012)

2. But a Slumber (July 2012)

1. Spiritual Day-Timer (February 2013)