Monday, March 4, 2013

Matthias (cont.)

Continued from last week, five more answers to the question, "Who was Matthias and what can we learn from him?"

The man who was a witness to the resurrection.  "One of these men must become with us a witness to His resurrection" (Acts 1:22).  This may have three levels of meaning.  1.) Matthias was among those who personally saw the risen Jesus.  2.) Matthias would join the other eleven in preaching specifically the resurrection.  3.) The Greek word for "witness" is "martyr."  The apostles added the exclamation point to their resurrection preaching by becoming martyrs.  Tradition holds that Matthias was martyred.

The man who came off the bench.  The pro basketball player Kevin McHale was a famous "sixth man": a non-starter but who comes into the game to contribute a real spark to the team.  Matthias did not start the game but came in at a critical point.  Important for young athletes to understand.  Important for all of us!

The man who filled a role.  It was a role left vacant by another.  There's a wonderful application here.  If you look around, often very close to you, there's a vacant role: a child in need of a father or mother figure.  A young person in need of a big brother or sister.

The man who is never mentioned again.  He is mentioned only here in the Bible.  He didn't write a book.  He didn't try to leave a legacy.  He just served when and where he was called, letting God determine how to use him.

The man who stepped in.  How do you think he felt?  "I don't belong."  "I'm not ready."  "This is happening too fast."  "Get somebody else."  There's no indication of that.  Only of a man who stepped in by faith.  Christ never calls without also equipping.  Many Christians are equipped much more than they know!